Lily & Lemongrass soy candle
Lily & Lemongrass soy candle

Distant Fields

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Stonewashed denim, light gray & soft teal wrap around the top rim of the Distant Fields candle reminiscent of a hazy horizon.

Distant Fields has my Lily & Lemongrass signature fragrance. At first zesty lemongrass takes the stage with stargazer lily following. As it burns, the lily and lemongrass balance and blend into a vibrant, fresh scent.

Each candle vessel is as 100% unique as you. Every one is hand painted, one at a time, and sealed with several layers of varnish for scratch resistance. (Read: scratch-resistant, not scratch-proof! Handle with care as you would any art piece.) No one else will have a candle just like yours.

Triple wicked, clean burning soy wax for up to 16 hours of charming, flickering ambiance.

Net weight 9oz

Overall dimensions 5"x 2.25"


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