Limited Edition Spring Collection

Three new fragrances just for Spring!

NEW Limited Edition Neroli & Rain: Neroli fragrance comes from orange blossoms, but is from a different part of the bloom and has a slightly sharper, brighter note then it's sweeter orange blossom relative. Rain balances the floral tones to make this blend refreshing and invigorating.

NEW Limited Edition Rosehip Hibiscus Tea: Rosehips are floral and woodsy, hibiscus is floral with a hint of sweet. Along with white tea it's a blissful, soothing blend.

NEW Limited Edition Gardenia & Cotton: Fresh gardenia has a faint touch of tuberose and jasmine, while cotton is characterized by light linen, cotton blossom, and a touch of lemon. Together, they are the perfect light and airy floral blend.

Every candle is as unique as you are, so if you see one that’s perfect for you or would be perfect someone you love, grab it! There’ll never be another just like it.