green and blue scented soy candle
green and blue scented soy candle
Green and blue scented soy candle
Sweet Autumn Eclectic

Distant Fields Candle

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Stonewashed denim, light gray & soft teal wrap around the top rim of the Distant Fields candle reminiscent of a hazy horizon.

Distant Fields has my Lily & Lemongrass signature fragrance. At first zesty lemongrass takes the stage with stargazer lily following. As it burns, the lily and lemongrass balance and blend into a vibrant, fresh scent. Perfect for turning up some music, a podcast, or your favorite e-book and burning while cleaning the house for an uplifting, energetic mood boost. 

Each candle vessel is as 100% unique as you. Every one is hand painted, one at a time. Hand poured in small batches. No one else will have a candle just like yours.

NOTE: I have found that this fragrance can occasionally tint wax a pale yellow color. This doesn't affect the candle's burning performance

Triple wicked, clean burning soy wax for up to 16 hours of charming, flickering ambiance.

Net weight 9oz

Approximate dimensions 4.75"x 2.25" (please note that if you are purchasing more than one candle, dimensions between vessels may vary slightly, due to a supply chain issue. The volume remains the same)


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