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Bright yellow and vibrant blue ring the top of the Waterfall candle, with three accent stripes that blend the bands.

My Garden Mint & Grapefruit fragrance is the highlight of the Waterfall candle. There's mint, and then there's our garden mint. Just like freshly clipped mint right from the garden, it’s vivid and refreshing. Crisp, vibrant grapefruit elevates it like they were meant for each other.

Each of our candle vessels is as 100% unique as you. Every one is hand painted, one at a time, and sealed with several layers of varnish for scratch resistance. (Read: scratch-resistant, not scratch-proof! Handle with care as you would any art piece.) No one else will have a candle just like yours.

Triple wicked, clean burning soy wax for up to 16 hours of charming, flickering ambiance.

Net weight 9oz

Overall dimensions 5"x 2.25"