Limited Edition Winter Collection

Impress your guests, family & friends, and coworkers this holiday season by burning or gifting any candle from the Limited Edition Winter Collection.
Every candle is hand painted and one of a kind, made with the intention of being a cool addition to your very favorite spaces.
Best of all, once your unique candle is done burning, the hand painted ceramic vessel can be refilled to be used again and again as a candle, repurposed to hold your keys, rings... (or chocolate, my personal choice), or used as a lovely accent piece.
This winter, I've brought back two best selling fragrance blends and crafted a new one that I think together capture the season perfectly. Choose your favorite vessel and then choose which fragrance you'd like it poured in to complete your idea of the perfect Winter candle:
Brandied Pear & Oak, woodsy, smoky, mildly sweet and teensy bit boozy
Evergreen & Birch, a fresh modern twist on classic pine and
Winter Solstice, deep base notes with sandalwood and musk and crisp top notes of black
currant and eucalyptus.
  • 9oz candle bowls are triple wicked with clean burning all natural soy wax for up to 16 hours of charming, flickering ambiance and unparalleled scent.

Click on any candle below for its description and more detailed images.