Pourable Wax Melts

Pourable wax melts have the same transcendent properties as the full Sweet Autumn Eclectic fragrance line, but are designed for your wax warmer. Each soy wax melt is a teensy bundle of scent. Just pour a handful of these highly scented wax melts into your favorite wax warmer and flip on that switch or light it up, sit back and enjoy the enveloping aroma.

Each ceramic vessel is one of a kind and handpainted, holding 5oz of wax melt cubes in your choice of fragrance. With a classy metal lid, your vessel can be used in infinite ways long after your wax melts are gone.

Not ready to go for a pourable wax melt jar? Try a wax melt sleeve with 2.5oz of wax melt cubes.

Be sure to check out the adorable personalized wood scoops for that extra special little touch!