Ceramics Care

I love making candles, but I also love making beautiful things That are useful for you even beyond that last whiff of fragrance. Here's some tips to keep your gorgeous ceramics looking...well, gorgeous!

  • Your ceramics are for decorative use only
  • Clean only with a water dampened cloth as needed
  • Do not handle while warm. Once the candle is gone, allow to cool and wipe out any remaining wax with paper towels
  • Spent wicks can be pulled off with a pair of pliers if they're being stubborn. Any remaining adhesive can be removed with a bit of rubbing alcohol
  • Some colors may fade in direct sunlight- which looks kinda cool, but not might be the look you're going for
  • Clean gently. Scrubbing or wiping firmly may damage the layers of varnish and wear off the design


  • Submerge in water or place in dishwasher
  • Clean the outside with anything other than a slightly damp cloth
  • Touch while in use. The varnish finish gets softer when warm and may mar

Contact me with any questions!