Fragrance Profiles

My fragrance line at Sweet Autumn Eclectic ranges from mellow and calming to vibrant and bold. Some will perfume an entire room, while others lend a more subtle fragrance to a room. Each one has been custom blended and thoroughly tested before adding into my exclusive candle line.

I've tried to describe the fragrance blends as thoroughly as possible but, like many things, sense of smell is highly individualized and as such, one person's favorite might be the next person's least favorite. That's why I offer a free one-time refill of a full-sized (9oz) artisan candle with another scent if you're not happy with your candle's fragrance. Click here for details.


Signature Series Fragrances

NEW! Dry Gin & Oakmoss: Woodsy, masculine, and sensual, reminiscent of a man's cologne. Top notes of juniper and citrus finished with base notes of cedar, oak, tonka bean, and cypress.

NEW! Lavender & Matcha: A true herbal lavender is the strongest note you'll notice first, then deep cozy green and black tea notes. Hints of bergamot and sandalwood round out this soothing fragrance blend.

Lily & Lemongrass: At first zesty lemongrass takes the stage with elegant stargazer lily following. As it burns, the lily and lemongrass balance and blend into a vibrant, fresh scent.

Magnolia & Bayberry: A sophisticated pairing, both have sharper woodsy scents with softer floral tones for a memorable burn.

Blood Orange & Birch: Fresh, bright blood orange is coupled with birch defined by a blend of evergreens, cypress and eucalyptus. Together they're a happy, energizing fragrance.

Garden Rose & Lilac: Uber flowery, these fragrances complement each other perfectly, like an heirloom rose garden bordered with classic lilac shrubs. It doesn't get more floral than this.

Lemon, Fig & Ginger: Aromatic lemon is invigorating, while sweet-smelling fig, and a zing of ginger rounds it out for a charming fragrance.

Fig Tree & Peach: Just like it sounds, fig tree is clean and green while summer sweet peach is refreshing. Together, they make for a fresh, delicious scent.

Orange Blossom Tea: Aromatic, warm white tea is blended with a rich floral fragrance that smells just like an orange tree in full bloom.

Garden Mint & Grapefruit: There's mint, and then there's my garden mint. Just like freshly clipped mint right from the garden, it's vivid, green and, well, minty. Crisp, vibrant grapefruit elevates it like they were meant for each other.

Bamboo & Citrus: Clean, green bamboo is the highlight of this fragrance with bright citrus rounding out this all around uplifting scent. NOTE: this is the strongest fragrance I carry in the shop. It will scent a room even without being lit. It might be bothersome to someone sensitive to strong scents.