I'm Breanna and I am a right-brained left brainer (or perhaps a left-brained right brainer) and recovering perfectionist. I have always been artistic with a flair for the math behind a design or, these days, the science behind a well balanced candle that looks good, smells great, burns beautifully and supports American farms in our Northern Illinois neck of the woods and beyond.

I've long had a love affair with all things scented- well, except for anything that smells like a bakery item...I'm so not a fan. I love the frou-frou aisles (as my mom calls them) at stores. I even like taking a deep breath down the laundry aisle. And scented soaps? Be still my heart! So, suffice it to say, I like candles. I am a mood burner. I burn candles to fit my mood or help create the one I want. To help me relax, energize me, maybe create a little romance. You get the idea.

I started making candles to earn a little income and it blossomed into this, Sweet Autumn Eclectic. Unique scent combinations, clean burning soy waxes, and lead-free wicks all handpoured, one at a time, into ceramic hand painted bowls. There's no huge assembly line process here. Bowls are painted with gorgeous blends of color, and sealed. Additive free soy wax is then melted to the perfect temperature, a custom blend of phthalate-free fragrance oils is carefully measured out and stirred in, then poured into a single bowl at just the right time. The deliberately slow process of creating each candle allows me to keep tight quality control over each piece.

There will never be two of each candle in stock because they can't be duplicated. Colors can be identical, but there will never be another just like the one you've been eyeing so, what're you waiting for? When it's gone, its gone! But take heart, if you've lost the chance at that perfect candle you're set on because someone else snatched it up, get in touch with me and we'll get you going on a custom candle with a similar feel.