I want your candle experience to be a happy one. That's why here, at Sweet Autumn Eclectic, if you aren't enjoying the fragrance in your candle bowl within the first few hours, I'll replace your candle fragrance with a different fragrance, one time, at no charge.

As long as it isn't burned more than 25%, or about 4 hours, email me a photo of your partly burned candle and tell me about your experience with the fragrance at to request a new fragrance.

NOTE: You must email me those details first and receive approval from me BEFORE mailing the candle back to me to refill: 11483 N Tower Rd, Byron, IL 61010, United States

Once approval is received, it must be very well packed and protected. (It's original packaging is ideal for that) I will not be responsible for shipping damages. If it arrives to me damaged due to insufficient packing, I will take pictures for your records, and will refill it, but will return it in the same condition it arrived to me. So...protecting it in transit is important! If you no longer have the original packaging, contact me for tips to keep your handpainted candle safe in transit.

You'll be responsible for shipping costs to me, but I'll cover the shipping costs back to you once your candle is poured again.

Remember, small candle tins are a great choice if you're not sure if you'd like a certain fragrance or want to try a new one!

PS: Loved your candle and now it's all gone? Purchase a refill of your favorite fragrance or try out a new one. Details on a FULL REFILL here!