Travel Candle Tins

Maybe you don't know what you'd like and want to test drive Sweet Autumn Eclectic's fragrance line. Maybe you're looking for a travel candle tin (or two or three). Maybe you're looking for a gift set of multiple small candles for a candle fanatic...

Small travel candle tins are a fantastic way to try something new or get a petite sized version of an all-time favorite.

Not just for travel, either, of course! Each travel candle is just the right size to burn if you only have an hour or two to enjoy a candle.

I burn a travel candle nearly every time I soak in the bath tub. Perfect for burning while getting ready in the morning, or starting your bedtime routine at night. Any time you don't have 3-4 hours to burn a larger candle.

Net wt 1.5oz burns up to 10 hours