Candle Gifting Tips & Etiquette

Candle gift idea with apothecary matches and wick trimmer

Obviously, I think they (usually) make a perfect gift. But there are some things to consider when candle gifting. Here are my favorite 5 tips for how to give a candle in a way that's meaningful and memorable!



Be aware if your recipient's personal preferences are a candle that's strictly natural. For an eco-friendly candle choose one labeled as a soy, coconut, or apricot wax or a blend of those. Choose uncolored wax, either unscented for a simple glow or one scented exclusively with essential oils. 


Avoid candles with fragrances that tend to be love/hate kinds of scents, unless you know the person's preferences well or know that they'd appreciate trying something unique. On the same token, avoid scents that tend to be pretty blah (I'm looking at you, vanilla).


Try to match the candle's fragrance and vessel to your recipient's personality. Bright, colorful candles with citrus scents might be a good fit if she's outgoing. Muted soft florals in simple monochromatic vessels may be more her style if she tends to be quieter and more introspective.


Avoid gifting candles to anyone with respiratory issues or who lives with someone who does. Even an unscented candle may aggravate some respiratory problems.


Choose a high quality candle from a small business that aligns with something important to your recipient. For example, one that donates part of their proceeds to an animal shelter or charity, or one owned by a single parent that runs their shop from home to be available for her kids. Add a note about the candle shop you chose and why. A little extra homework to find a special shop will make you both feel good.

Any artisan candlemaker should be willing to hep you choose a candle fragrance and vessel. We love helping our customers find a candle that will make your next candle gift extra special, just reach out and ask!

Looking for a one of a kind candle for your next candle gifting occasion? Check out the entire Sweet Autumn Eclectic collection to find one she'll love!

 I'd love to hear from you! What's your best tip for candle gifting??

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